JAYKE ORVIS – It’s All Been Said (Vinyl LP, new)

JAYKE ORVIS – It’s All Been Said  (Vinyl LP, new)
JAYKE ORVIS – It’s All Been Said  (Vinyl LP, new)
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1             A Recipe For Tea          
2 Yankee Taste
3 Feelings Like This
4 Beatin' My Head
5 Empty Bottles On A Broken Shelf
6 Thunderbolts And Lightning
7 Gone Forever More
8 Shady Grove Gypsy Moon
9 Steets
10 Dreadful Sinner
11 (Untitled Bonus Track)

The first solo album from JAYKE ORVIS, founding member of the .357 STRING BAND and member of the fantastic GODDAMN GALLOWS!
Jayke Orvis is an amazing talent, with a style that should be able to bridge the gap between standard country fans and the alt country scene. It’s no surprise that Saving Country Music named him the “Artist of the Year” based on the strength of It’s All Been Said.
He provides brilliant instrumentation, mixing a guitar, mandolin, bass and dobro into a richly layered sound that belies his trashy, stoner persona.
This album was released in the USA on Compact disc, which sold out fast and is now for the first time available on vinyl!

Jayke Orvis: vocals, mandolin, guitar, life-lessons, odor
James Hunnicutt: lead guitar, vocals, inspiration, P.M.A.
Johnny Lawless: upright bass, cussin, loyalty, party favors
Dan Mazer: banjo, dobro
Geo Balentine: turbodiddley
J.B. Beverley: vocals, snarls, growls
Old-time Avery: washboard, soons, mustache wax
Darren Dorlarque: vocals, patience, hotel rooms

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