Zombie Girl: Dementia

Zombie Girl: Dementia
Zombie Girl: Dementia Zombie Girl: Dementia
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...After being addicted to Horror mostly all of my life, dreaming about practise & doing what I was seeing in the movies for so many years I just had to go creative! The more blood the better, thus the gore & mutilation versions. Yet I have never taken any classes nor gone to any SFX (special effects) school.., 'just' the heavy-duty inspiration I have got from HORROR itself throughout the world! I love to play with blood and dismember corpses, chopping off heads and so on.. Since the beginning of 2008, when i finally decided to go for it - MY way! My creeps are made of latex, rubber, expanding foam, silicone etc. If you are looking for anything particulare, feel free to come with requests! - Linda 'Nekroslut' Hell & Horror-Shop

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